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05 July 2016, Downing College, Cambridge

Surveillance Special
Jeffrey Simm – Don’t Be Watched
“The truth, the whole truth & anything but the truth?”

Marcus Grant – Temple Garden Chambers
“Surveillance: keep it fair, keep it relevant.”

11 February 2016, Downing College, Cambridge

Cyrus Katrak, Giles Mooney, Linda Nelson, 9 Gough Square Chambers
Ruth Booy, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
Justina Molloy, MW Solicitors Ltd

Present ‘A MOCK TRIAL'  

8 September Downing College, Cambridge

                  Satinder Hunjan, QC

                           No5 Chambers

The new age of consent, disclosure and risk – The impact of Montgomery, Wright and Loughlin

Satinder Hunjan, QC will consider recent far reaching legal decisions which affect the practice of doctors in respect of consent and the risk to case managers in respect of any recovery shortfall in the costs of recommended care and case management regimes. He will also consider the interplay between legal privilege and disclosure.

Slides for Satinder HunJan's talk


24th March 2015 Downing College, Cambridge

Dr Tim Webb

Consultant in Adult Psychiatry

The Psychiatry of Personal Injury “Mental disorders after personal injury; trends in diagnosis and disease concepts represented in the DSM-5 (2014), mechanisms which trigger and maintain these conditions, and treatment provision in a post-NHS world.”

Slides for Dr Tim Webb's talk

16th December 2014, Downing College, Cambridge

Mr Robert McFarlane
Consultant Neurosurgeon, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

"A medical expert's view of giving evidence in Court or not to dig a hole for yourself"

Mr Jeremy Ford
Barrister, 9 Gough Square

"The rise and fall of Mitchell; the return of commonsense"

Slides of Mr McFarlane's talk

Slides of Mr Ford's talk

17th June 2014, Downing College Cambridge

Mr Jeremy Ford

9 Gough Square

"'Disproportionate Injustice' - the impact of Mitchell and subsequent cases on the conduct of litigation".

Slides of this talk here

25th June 2013, Downing College, Cambridge

Mr Andrew Ritchie, QC

9 Gough Square

“Personal Injury and clinical negligence claims:

How the Ministry of Justice has nobbled the allegedly unruly horse”

Slides of this talk here

7 March 2013, Downing College, Cambridge

Mr Robert Weir, QC

Devereux Chambers

“Joint statements: the good, the bad and the ugly”

Major Andrew Carrothers

Royal Army Medical Corps

Addenbrooke’s Cambridge University Hospital

“Lessons in Life: the bitter sweet of leading a British Army Medical Unit in Afghanistan”

8 November 2012, Girton College, Cambridge

Sandra Patton

Head of Medical Injury – Ashton KCJ

Jan Perkins

Solicitor, Litigation and Complaints Manager – Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

“When medicine goes wrong –

the hospital and patient perspective – a case study”

Duncan Astill

Partner – Mills & Reeve LLP

“Doctors in the dock – criminal liability for medical care”

Slides of these talks here

5 July 2012, Downing College, Cambridge

Mr Christian Du Cann

Thirty Nine Essex Street

Current medico-legal issues in Traumatic Brain Injury claims

Professor Udo Kischka

Neurologist & Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitatio, The Oxford Centre for Enablement

The mechanism of Traumatic Brain Injury and its consequences

Slides of both these talks here

22 March 2012, Downing College, Cambridge

Mr Stuart McKechnie

Barrister of the Year 2011 9 Gough Square

‘Maximising the working relationship between lawyers and medical experts’

Dr Rajesh Munglani

Consultant in Pain Medicine Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds & London

‘The attribution of persistent pain after trauma and the concept of acceleration’

Slides of this talk here